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We offer mobile telescopic cranes, and trucks with hydraulic cranes. All cranes regularly attests authorized company in accordance with the Law on Protection at Work. You and accessories (chains, slings, hooks) have the declaration of conformity EN 10204: 2004 2.1.

When choosing a crane, there are three important factors that must be taken into account:

  • Length – Boom (m)
  • The radius (distance) from the center of the crane (m)
  • Capacity elevator (lift) (t)

Capacity is reduced as the length of branches and larger radius. Therefore, when selecting a crane should know the following:

  • Payload
  • The radius (distance) from the center of the crane
  • Lifting height / depth of the descent (m)

Cranes with which we have:

P&H – 0T

Krupp – 50T

Liebherr – 70T

Demag – 100T